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The name El Adorado means “the adored”, and he IS adored by all who meet him. He even adores himself!  But he loves people even more. El Adorado, "Marley", a 2015 Pura Raza Espanola (P.R.E., or Pure Spanish Andalusian), is one of the most impressive horses you will ever meet. His beauty alone is stunning, with his long, strong legs, arched neck, copper color, and amazing forelock. But, beyond that, he is kind, loving, and unnervingly intelligent. is amongst the rarest colors for Andalusians. 80% of  P.R.E.s are grey, and less than 5% are chestnut. Marley represents the more modern Andalusian with a taller, leaner conformation, the type of Andalusian that dressage riders around the world are currently seeking. El Adorado is is rare, not only for his color, but also for his bloodlines. His pedigree features some of the most infamous Spanish horses in history, including the legendary Genil.  Bred by Miguel Angel Cardenas, Genil holds a record of championships in both Spain and Mexico that remains unsurpassed even today. Marley is sired by KBF Adoro, champion in Western Pleasure and Doma Vaquera (Spanish bullfighting).  His dam, Rada's Glory, has impeccable movement and is sired by Esteban B, imported national champion in dressage and doma vaquera. El Adorado is 16.2 hands at age 3. He is standing to approved mares of all breeds. His offspring are eligible for registry in IAlHA, PRE Mundial, and the International Warmblood registry. 

Marley at just a few days old

Marley at just a few days old

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