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We are a family farm breeding a few select high quality Pura Raza Espanola, or Pure Spanish Andalusians each year.  We have a passion for preserving the characteristics of the PREs that Carthusian monks began protecting in the 14th century.  These characteristics include a willing temperament,  a love of people and unbelievable intelligence.  Physically, they are unmatched by any other breed.  They are extremely beautiful, athletic, and versatile with courage that affords them success in all disciplines.

We began our breeding program in 2013 with our beautiful stallion, KBF Adoro.  He had earned championships in movement, doma vaquera, and western pleasure and had an unbelievable presence.  Grand-sired by the legendary Genil, Adoro had the old style, Carthusian bloodlines we were looking to preserve.  There are very few Spanish Horses left that have this caliber of pedigree.  After two breeding seasons, Adoro was in a horrible accident and gained his pegasus wings.  The loss of Adoro stopped us in our tracks, and we were too heart-sick to find a replacement and continue breeding.  We didn’t have the heart to breed anymore,  yet we couldn’t bring ourselves to sell the two colts that were foaled after Adoro’s death.


Enter 2019!  The colts we couldn’t bring ourselves to sell have grown up and re-ignited the spark we had before.  They exhibit everything we miss about their sire.  They are kind, intelligent, people pleasers with beautiful, balanced morphology.  And, guess what?  The bloodlines are even more phenomenal when you consider the distaff side of their pedigrees!  They include legendary names such as the original Banbury line and National Dressage Champion Esteban B.

We are excited to begin this new chapter of our breeding business and look forward to continuing what we began 6 years ago: preserving the quality of the beautiful Pure Spanish Andalusian Horse!  We would love to include you on this exciting journey with us.  We invite you to inquire about breeding your mare to one of our stunning stallions, or adding one of our future foals to your barn today.  Because everyone should have one!!

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