So Baroque!


This gorgeous heterozygous grey Pure Spanish Andalusian stallion is named Ultimo Triunfo, which means, “the ultimate triumph”. He is the last foal by the late KBF Adoro and, having foaled early and survived, he truly has triumphed. He is a rarity - one of the last horses with the legendary Genil, Champion of Champions in Spain and Mexico on his pedigree.  Uno represents the traditional style of the Pure Spanish Andalusian.  He is beautifully baroque in conformation and movement and he exhibits all the characteristics that a high quality Pure Spanish Andalusian should have. He is strongly built, yet elegant, with a thick arched neck and luscious, long mane and tail. He has phenomenal movement with oodles of knee and hock action and beautiful extension and elevation.  Uno's temperament is simply awesome.  He is down to earth and steady, and incredibly intelligent.  He is the stallion that will be on the trail with all types of other horses, including mares in heat, and will remain unfazed.  He loves people and prefers human attention over fresh feed any day.  Uno is sired by KBF Adoro, ERAHC champion in Western Pleasure and Doma Vaquera (Spanish bullfighting).  His dam, Serenity, is out of the original Banbury line and is sired by Genio III, sire of many national champions.  Uno is heterozygous grey and can throw black, chestnut, bay, and grey.  He is standing to approved mares of all breeds through live cover and cooled shipped semen. His offspring are eligible for registry in IALHA, PRE Mundial, and the International Warmblood registry.  

Uno as a weanling

Uno as a weanling

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